Advertorial: Hannah Weiland – This is how hip faux fur can be!

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I’ve never been approached about a coat in the middle of the street, in restaurants, even in the elevator as much as I have been approached about this one… And of all places it was in the fashion capital New York! The brand is called “Shrimps” and I ordered it in Munich at It’s already my second faux fur coat by the designer label “Shrimps”. The coat I had before I was complemented on so many times when I was wearing it in New York that I just left it with my friend.

Behind the funny name “Shrimps” is Hannah Weiland from Germany. The story almost sounds too crazy to be true. But it confirms the saying: Success is when the right people are in the right place at the right time.

Hannah Weiland has the idea of designing a fur coat which is so different from everything that has been on the market before: brightly colored, made from high quality material, soft and cuddly and with Briton stripes on it. But who would be able to turn such an exceptional coat into reality based on just description and sketches? And sell it too!

This is where Piffi Benteler comes into in the picture. She is also German, lives in London and  runs the successful online shopping portal “Avenue 32”, which gives promising designers the opportunity of presenting their work to the general public.

Piffi Benteler was excited about Hannah Weiland’s designs. The business woman had never seen this kind of faux fur before. Fun and youthful, wearable by women between 18 and 90. Now all that was needed was a brand name and a logo. She didn’t want to use her real name – too boring! Then she remembered her nickname from her childhood: Shrimps! “Because I was little and pink”, explains the 25 year old British woman today. Then she scribbled several different versions of a little crab on a piece of paper until she came up with the current Shrimps logo. That was it! The logo that should symbolize her collection. When a little while later, her longtime friend, British model and actress Laura Bailey wore the first eccentric coat named “Wilma Coat” at various red carpet events, the success of the cool and innovative label was unstoppable. Net-a-porter, the biggest and most renowned online designer fashion portal were the first to order from “Shrimps”,

then came the international fashion online shop; others followed. I ordered my “Shrimps” coats on as well. They were shipped to me within for work days. The nice thing about this online designer shop is that whatever you don’t like or doesn’t fit you can have picked up by DHL at your house. It will be credited back to your credit card. Very convenient! I’ve been ordering things from there for the past five years and I have never had a reason for complaint.

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