“Melon Skewers”

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Serves 4

1 Cantaloupe
1 Bunch of fresh mint
200g air-cured ham (e.g. Parma or Serrano ham), thinly sliced
Wooden skewers
Ice cubes

Finger food: ham and melon on skewers vertical


  1. Peel and seed the cantaloupe and cut into pieces. Wash the mint, dab it dry and take the leaves off the stems. Cut the ham slices in half lengthwise and fold the long slices into nice little bitesize chunks.
  2. Thread alternating pieces of cantaloupe, mint and ham onto the skewers. Transfer the skewers onto a platter and place the platter on a deep dish with ice cubes. That way they stay nice and fresh. This little snack goes perfectly with an aperitif on a hot summer evening.

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