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The shops are now filling up with the new Autumn/Winter collections and one style of boots really stands out- the over knee boot .

Now this is a tricky style to wear without looking like “puss in boots ” !
I love the flat versions especially in suede – these look great worn with thick black tights and short skirt with long oversize sweater .
A small stripe of skin is ok if you prefer nude sheer tights .

The high heel versions are more tricky – there is a very fine line between looking sexy and chic or looking like a hooker !

Avoid any high shine leather or lack and never wear these with a tight sexy dress – layered oversize separates work best .

And NEVER wear trousers tucked inside over knees – or you will look like “puss in boots “!!!!

Thank you Brian for the tips! I felt really inspired with the creation of my own overknee-look and I feel great! The boots I’m wearing in the picture are by Saint Laurent. They are made from stretch suede and they feel super comfy!


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