Poor rich people!

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The weather is getting colder, the fur season starts and the society ladies are in great need of fur coats. The problem is the purchase of a new luxury item is politically incorrect. Plus, the price tag can turn a millionaire into Uncle Scrooge. So a “by mistake” society was born. A celebrity woman checks her muskrat fur coat (which is past its best!) at the cloakroom and, “by mistake”, exchanges it for a fancier and pricier model, for example a fox fur. She will do the same with this fur coat. After some time has passed and when the occasion arises, she again “exchanges” it – this time for a mink. The master of her craft is the woman who manages to “exchange” the mink for a sable right under the security’s nose! Since these “mix-ups” have increased dramatically, some hosts are drawing the consequence. Even at small-scale events, securities guard the expensive and popular items. It looks like the end of this clever way of fur-upgrading is near…

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