Shopping à la carte…

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…with tons of fun and great service is best in a private showroom! And this is how it works:


She is the best kept secret here in Munich for her unusual, feminine and sexy fashion style. Noura Elmassaoudi knows exactly how to dress-up women and she takes excellent care of her customers… It is not like normal clothing store. In prime down-town location, you’ll find the private showroom inside an elegant apartment in an old historical building. Here is where she helps and assists her customers chose an outfit – whether it is for a trip to Ibiza or a cocktail dress. I took Noura’s advice and chose two summer tops, which, as you can see in the pictures, immediately put me in the mood for a vacation. I love them and I’m constantly complemented on them… this is her address… spread the word… but shhh… only whispering!


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