Susan Rockefeller: A woman swimming against the current / part 2

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Is there a project that is very special to you at the moment? “Ever since I was a child I have admired and respected the oceans. Their beauty, their power and their bounty must never be destroyed. This is the reason why I’m a board member of “Oceana”, a non-profit organization working to protect the world’s oceans.” Her decorative jewelery collection was inspired by her close bond to the oceans. Each piece on the necklaces, bracelets and rings is in style of sea creatures: pearls, seahorses, corals, fish and sea shells. She is wearing a bracelet set with shells and semi-precious stones ( It was so lovely and unusual so I bought it and I ended up doing a good deed as well. The proceeds of the jewelery go directly to the organization.

How does an environmental activist become Mrs Rockefeller? “Well, that’s probably what many people wonder. They think that I met my husband at some social event. I was a jet-set queen with a Champagne glass in my hand. But in reality, our love story began in Alaska, far away from civilization. My job was to shoot a film on the beauty of the country, pointing out the dangers it was facing by exploitation of its natural resources. My husband then was and still is patron of this organization. That way we were in close contact. Over the years and many conversations later we realized more and more that we were soul-mates. Unfortunately we were both married then, so we tried to be just friends. But how can that work, after you have fallen in love and every time you see each other you feel that magic. We both got divorced eventually so we could be free for each other. It was very painful for everyone involved.”

Why did she keep her maiden name Cohen? “I wanted people to understand that I’m my own person and not just a fashion accessory for a big name.”

… mit Susan Rockefeller

… mit Susan Rockefeller

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