Susan Rockefeller: A woman swimming against the current / part 3

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What is a normal day in the life of a Mrs Rockefeller like? “A lot more normal than most people would assume. My husband and I wake up at 8:30. Then we read each other a poem, just to stop short for a moment and get ready for the day. It’s a nice ritual.” Do you have breakfast together? “Yes, if your schedules allow us to. But on the weekends, when our children Annabel and Henry come home from boarding school, we all sit around the dining table.”

Why do your kids go to boarding school? “I don’t think Manhattan is the ideal place to raise teenagers. I just don’t want them to be more interested in designer clothes than in education, sports and real friends. They get to grow up in a protected environment where their name is not important. Outside of school they like to wear sweat pants – just like all the other students.”

Where are you going to spend your summer vacation?

“We’ll spend most of the time on our family estate in the Hamptons, where we take long walks on the beach and enjoy big family meals. In August we are flying to Europe with our children. First we are going to Paris and London to visit museums and galleries, then we’re going to the beach in the Mediterranean.”

What about all the invitations and the red carpet events? David and I always say: “time is precious” and we are no small-talkers. So that takes care of many of the invitations. We enjoy going to private dinner parties of 10 to 12 people. The conversations there are usually quite interesting.”

And when you are invited to the Oscar’s? “We usually go, but we don’t have the limo drop us off at the red carpet. We take a cab which takes us to the back entrance. You won’t believe how stress-free that is”, Susan Rockefeller says with a smile.

Thank you so much Susan for coming and for the great interview.

… mit Susan Rockefeller

… mit Susan Rockefeller

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