The mysterie of germanys most exclusive island!

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There is a vacation resort in Germany which is very attractive to both celebrities and millionaires: the island of Sylt.

Panorama am Ellenbogen Sylt Abendrot

Panorama am Ellenbogen Sylt Abendrot

Yet there is no other resort which is that controversial. You either love it or, after having been there, you cannot understand the hype about it at all.

So what is it about Sylt? Well, first of all, there is the lifestyle that I would call “untouched nature” spiked with luxurious understatement. In the trendy town of Kampen, behind little stone walls with fragrant rose bushes, hide the most expensive homes in the country. Who would think that the thatched houses ask for the highest price per square meter! Even higher than in Frankfurt, Munich or Hamburg.

You even see the understatement in the way people dress. Jil Sander instead of Dolce & Gabbana. Loafers by Tod’s instead of high heels by Louboutin! Only the purse may bear the name of a designer, which is usually Hermes.

Nowhere else will you find more exquisite restaurants than on Sylt. It’s truly a gourmet’s paradise.

Nowhere else will you find longer, sometimes untouched beaches than here! “See and be seen”-beach clubs: negative! The people here don’t want that. Well, everything would be perfect for a nice relaxing vacation if there wasn’t the weather! If you have ever been rained out here in August and felt the wind whip your face, you can understand the people who never want to come back.

For die-hard Sylt fans however it’s not a problem at all. There is only wrong clothing…!

My favorite hotels on Sylt:

Hotel Budersand
Hotel A-Rosa
Hotel Fährhaus
Hotel Walter’s Hof (my personal favorite)

My favorite restaurants on Sylt:

Greta’s Rauchfang
Alter Gasthof (Insiders’ tip! They serve the best lobster I ever had! It’s cooked in the water from the North Sea)

My favorite beaches:

Buhne 16 in Kampen (Don’t let the die-hard nudists scare you!)
Am Ellenbogen

My favorite clubs:

Rotes Kliff

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