The world’s most erotic fragrance…

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Who doesn’t know Patrick Süskind’s bestseller “Das Parfüm”? A young man turns into a killer trying to find the perfect fragrance! But does the perfect fragrance really exist? This one scent, men can’t resist and that makes women irresistible?  The answer is “yes”! I have tried it.


It’s the epitome of an eroticizing perfume. It is more expensive than gold, it is made from mold and it has a hint of sweat. I have to admit, the mix is a little strange. This very intense fragrance is called Oud and has been known in Saudi Arabia for more than 2000 years. Oud oil is made from the resin of the rare agarwood tree. The stimulating effect of Oud was already described in the Song of Solomon. Exclusive perfume brands have picked up the Oud trend and have been using this oil to create their own fragrances. I have tried “OUD FLEUR” by Tom Ford.


At first it smelled awkward and strange, but then a warm and erotic scent emerged. I’ve been approached, also by women, about what fragrance I’m wearing. Very simple – the fragrance of a sexy woman! Luckily we don’t have to travel to the Middle East to get it. You can order it right here from your laptop computer. (I had it filled into a flacon…) Have fun trying it. I love it!


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