Think, long lashes… a dream come true :)

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Finally! Do it yourself killer lashes! I’ve tried it and it really works. How?
Thick, long lashes – that was always my dream. So I tried pretty much every mascara under the sun: the results never really convinced me and it never looked like it did in the ads. Now I’ve tried the lash serum by Revitalash and it really works wonders. With a very fine brush the gel-like liquid is applied to the eyelid at the base of the eye lashes every night before bed. After about four weeks you get the result: long, thick lashes, which, after applying mascara, turn into killer lashes. An insider’s tip my New York girlfriends have had in their bathrooms for years. (There is another, heavily advertised lash serum called M2. I’ve tried it but I wouldn’t recommend it. It stung in my eyes…!)

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