Trendy dirndl dresses by Lodenfrey at an affordable price – I love ‘em!

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Final countdown: 8 days remaining till “O’zapt is”! That’s the traditional shout when the mayor hits the first beer keg at the Oktoberfest. Once again this year the fashion store Lodenfrey is going to present its own beautiful dirndl collection which is available in six different colors. Including the silk apron the dirndl dresses cost €399.00. I think that’s a great price. They sell out really fast, so go and get yours fast!


I went for the bordeaux one because it’s the trend color for this coming fall and winter. For the proper undergarment you wear a white blouse with ruffles and embroidered sleeves by Lodenfrey and a dirndl bra by Lola Paltinger (it’s a must otherwise you won’t have a nice cleavage!). The traditional necklace by Seeberg Lifestyle is a special eye-catcher for any festive or evening event.

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