What Dirndl to wear at this year’s Oktoberfest…

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What Dirndl dresses are women going to wear at the Oktoberfest this year and what’s the trend? To find out, I have talked to a number of designers of traditional costumes and I’ve turned costume departments upside down. My conclusion: the trendy brand “Silk & Pearls” clearly stands out.


They have been manufacturing dirndl dresses since 2007 and were founded by Beate Holzmair. These beautiful fine silk creations bearing floral patterns are hand-crafted in a small factory in Wolnzach, Hellertau. What makes this brand so successful is the mix between classic costume and contemporary chic. I especially like the delicate lacey aprons which create the perfect look. I got myself a light blue Silk& Pearls Dirndl.


Underneath the dress I wear a white blouse by Lodenfrey  and a bra by Lola Paltinger. The traditional necklace by Seeberg Lifestyle is a real eye-catcher for any festive occasion or evening. I’ve been asked many times if a dirndl can be worn without a blouse. My answer: It’s a big no-no!! It’s like hanging up a painting without a frame. You wouldn’t do that either, would you?!


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